No change of clothes, no yoga mats needed.  Truly office-friendly yoga + meditation for everyone. 


Our signature and most popular class.  A mental + physical boost of energy during the workday.  An environment for teams to unplug from technology, reset physically and mentally, and reconnect with each other.  We get blood, oxygen and energy flowing in the body and brain again.  No change of clothes or yoga mats needed! 

Class Includes: 
1) Physical Stretching
2) Breathing Techniques
3) Meditation  

Length of time:  30-minutes
Logistics:  no mats, no clothing change; participants only need a chair
> Suggested frequency:  1x / week
> Headcount:  as many as space allows 



The business world is embracing the power of meditation, the practice that strengthens our ultimate business tool – the mind.  With meditation, we train our attention to stay on one point.  When distractions inevitably take us away, we train ourselves to notice quickly, and to come back to our point of focus.  This teaches awareness, persistence and self-control.  With continued practice, the mind becomes calm, clear and focused.  Better decisions are made and leadership qualities emerge. 

Class Includes: 
1) Breathing Techniques 
2) Guided Meditation 
3) Q&A

> Length of time:  30-minutes (10 min lecture/Q&A + 20 min meditation)
> Logistics: quite room and chairs required 
> Suggested frequency:  1x / week
> Headcount:  as many as space allows

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Perfect for off-sites, conferences or retreats.  Workshops can provide an energy boost and break during a long day of lectures.  They are a dynamic team building activity involving stretching, breathing and connecting with colleagues.  Each workshop is built around a theme leveraging the ancient, universal truths of yoga to improve our work and work experience.  Example themes: Intention Setting, Managing Change, Clear Communication, Creating Balance and Maximizing Time.  These themes connect eastern wisdom with modern business in an inspiring and engaging way.  

Workshop Includes (customizable per request): 
1) Yogic Themed Introduction 
2) Physical Stretching 
3) Visualization + Guided Meditation
4) Breathing Techniques  
5) Group Discussion

> Length of time:  1-hour 
> Logistics:  varies by space available 
> Suggested frequency:  when applicable 
> Headcount:  20-50

OPTION 4:  One-on-One Private Sessions 

Private meditation (and more) with certified teacher who also directly understands the challenges of the business world.  These One-On-One sessions are for executive leaders or employees looking for guidance to start or deepen an existing practice.  We teach techniques that can be used anywhere, anytime.  
Tangible results can be felt after only a few minutes of exclusive attention.  Build confidence for large presentations, get grounded for stronger leadership, and learn tools for mental clarity during the chaos of a busy workday. 

Session Includes (customizable per request):
1) Intention Setting/Goal Tracking 
2) Visualization + Guided Meditation
3) Breathing Techniques 
4) Physical Stretching 

> Length of time: 30-minutes long
> Logistics:  varies per person, usually in private office  
> Suggested frequency: 2x/month 
> Headcount: 1 

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