YMB helps your team reset and recharge seamlessly in the office.  Ancient wisdom meets corporate culture.  And it's about time. 


A truly comprehensive practice designed to fit into any office and the busiest schedules - no mats or clothing change required.  YMB facilitators lead your team through powerful stretches (using chairs, desks and wall space), breathing techniques and meditation.  Basic yoga postures increase balance and flexibility while removing tension.  Add deep, conscious breathing and the mind gets the same benefits as the body.  Each session concludes with guided meditation so your teams return to their desks feeling calm, clear and focused.

  • Length of time:  30-minutes

  • Logistics:  no mats, no clothing change; participants only need a chair

  • Suggested frequency:  1x / week

  • Headcount:  as many as space allows (YMB team member can visit space to help determine)



"Asana" is the physical (and most well-known) component of a yoga practice.  A great compliment to the Signature YMB 30-Minute Method, the 1-Hour Asana Class provides a more traditional "studio-style" yoga class in the office (mats and clothing change required).  We teach the Jivamukti Yoga method, a rigorous physical practice with lots of hands-on assists.  Classes are accessible for all levels.

  • Length of time:  1-hour 
  • Logistics:  mats and clothing change required; ; participants only need a chair
  • Suggested Frequency:  1x / week
  • Headcount:  as many as space allows (YMB team member can visit space to help determine)
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The mind is our greatest asset.  Meditation is the practice of observing the mind to better understand its tendencies and stories.  Over time, we learn to let go of thought patterns that don't serve us, creating a even and calmer mind.  When the mind is calm, we react to life and work better.  Much better.  YMB's guided meditation classes are 15-minutes and also include powerful breathing exercises to calm the nervous system, reduce anxiety and increase focus.

  • Length of time:  15-minutes
  • Logistics:  no mats; no clothing change
  • Suggested frequency:  1x / week
  • Headcount:  as many as space allows (YMB team member can visit space to help determine)
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YMB workshops are perfect for off-sites, conferences or retreats.  They provide a deeper exploration into how we can use the teachings of yoga to become more effective leaders.  During these 1-hour sessions, two YMB facilitators work with the mind and body to teach your teams how to tap into higher levels of self-awareness, focus and intuition.  Each 1-hour workshop includes meditation, visualization, breathing exercises, simple physical postures and group discussion.  

Example of YMB Workshop Content:  RIDING THE WAVES OF CHANGE
"The only constant in life is change." Nowhere is this more true than the business world with staffing changes, company reorgs and ever changing sales goals. Our default reaction when change inevitably surfaces is to operate from fear; we feel out of control and lose our balance. Yoga teaches the importance of cultivating inner stability so we can be grounded in who we are and do great work even when everything around us shifts.

  • Length of time:  1-hour
  • Logistics:  varies by space available
  • Suggested frequency:  1x / month
  • Headcount:  20-50

For all questions, including pricing, please email us at: info@yogameansbusiness.com.

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